Towards a balanced you, and a Balanced World

Towards a balanced you, and a Balanced World

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About Me

I am a psychology graduate and my aspiration is to help people lead a better life, no matter how big or small the impact is. I’m an ardent reader and I practice minimalism. I’m equally interested in environment, mental health, and am deeply fond of animals. I believe that striking a balance in life means learning to treat every entity with respect. I also believe that exploitation needs to be replaced with altruistic and pure living. Mending world was born out of my love for the planet, human beings, animals, and everything that can positively impact this big family. 

what is mending world about?

Many people talk about mental health, many talk about mother nature, and some talk about spirituality and how it can change the way we live. Mending world is an amalgamation of all these, because human beings and nature are intertwined. When we are balanced, we can all hold hands to restore the balance of the world. 

Mental Health

Because we need to start with mending ourselves before anything else.


We interact with our environment every day. Mending our ways of doing so will reward us with more time on this planet.


The way we choose to live helps us heal ourselves and our surroundings. Lifestyle naturally becomes a part of mending world.